The "Little Litter" Problem
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This is what you see as you drive down some roads.

Litter is a common occurence that needs to be stopped. It makes our world look trashy. If you read this page you will find out the definition of litter, why people litter, ways not to litter, and what some people are doing about it.


Any piece of trash not properly taken care of is litter. The reason Americans litter is we're lazy. That's it pure and simple. We don't want to walk down to the trash can. It's to much work. If you go to a third-world country, they use what they can get.You see new tools made out of old, totally different tools. We just throw things away. Some times not in the right place.


There are also many ways to prevent litter. My favorite is recycling!
You can recycle almost anything, anywhere. Some stores even have recycling bins. Some people are recycling. Like the car company, BMW. They made a totally recyclable car. WOW! That's amazing because most of it is plastic. Some types of plastic can be hard to recycle. Some people I know have a compost pile. That's where you dump biodegradable things. Biodegradable means that it will decompose. It might stink for a while, but it makes excellent fertilizer.

So remember, next time you feel too lazy to walk down to the trash can, do it anyway. If you do your part, you might influence others to do theirs.