UV Protect-sun

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UV rays are very deadly, sure you can't walk outside and die instantly, but some of the after affects of sun can harm you. For years people have absorbed the sun's ultra violet rays thinking it would make them look good, well maybe it will for a short time but when you get skin cancer I think that you would feel different about it. By looking at the sun, and/or having the sun's rays beat on your eyes can cause permanant damage, such as cataracts.


The reason the sun's rays are so harmful is because of certain chemicals called chloroflourocarbons, otherwise known as CFC's. These chemicals come from things like styrofoam and other man-made products. These chemicals are traveling up and absorbing our ozone layer, which protects us from UV rays. The sun's powerful rays are seeping through our weak ozone layer and becoming stronger than they should be.


To help solve the problem you could stop using CFC's to preserve what we have left. That way it wouldn't be back to normal but it wouldn't get any worse. The easiest way to protest yourself against the sun's powerful rays is to wear sunscreen. Suncreen comes in many different types and strengths, but to get more protection wear a suncreen with a SPF of 15 or more. A way to protect your eyes against the sun is to wear sunglasses that block UV rays. These sunglasses will help weaken the sun's rays. By using some of these suggestions you can help make UV rays not such a problem anymore!