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Australian Animals at Risk

I have always been interested in the strange animals of Australia. At least we would call them strange. You can't find animals like the Kangaroo, Koala, or platypus in any other parts of the world.Fires, construction and many other problems man have created, contribute to the lose of their habitat.If Koalas lose their precious eucalyptus, they will lose their food and shelter. If industrial growth continues, kangaroos will lose their wide open outback plain, to benefit human wants. Like I mentioned before, these animals are unique, in that they cannot be found anywhere but Australia. If we lose them we lose them for good.

Many things contribute to the loss of habitat for these animals.
in the Australian outback, the heat from the hot summer winds causes a lot of fires in the dry brush, there for the Koalas lose there Eucalyptus and many other species lose their homes. Also growth in the Australian area can force animals out of their homes. Take a Kangaroo for example, Kangaroos need wide open spaces for exercise. If the population of Australia grew so much that all habitat was lost for these creatures, there would be no exercise for them. Unfortunately,
Eucalyptus is a prize possession of Koalas and humans. We use eucalyptus in potpourri, perfumes and some medicines. Eucalyptus trees are both their habitat and food source. If they lose their food and there habitat it doesn't look very sunny for them.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Solutions that do will take some hard work and big financing. If there could be made more animal reservation areas in Australia, where they can live in peace. Just a few untouched areas where it could be as if they were living in the wild, except without the fear of losing their habitat. That way there would be enough room for people and animals too. Isn't that our goal anyway?

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