N's Trash Page
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N's Trash Page

Welcome to N's Trash Page! On this page you'll learn about trash. I mean literal trash. Not like he's trash or she's trash, I mean real genuine trash. You know the kind you recycle, make that the kind you're SUPPOSED to recycle.

What's Your Problem?

Well, what's your problem? You want to know mine? Here it is: People need to recycle more stuff. For instance, see that can over there? See it right next to this paragraph? If you see any of those hangin' around your house, do me a favor and put it in a bag to throw into a recycle bin. Thanks. Now as I was saying, People should recycle more. If they don't, our world will be a really trashy place and we'd start running out of natural resources. For example, we'd loose all of our of trees because we wouldn't recycle paper,
and you know, we need trees to breathe! And aluminum would be gone because we don't want to take extra time and recycle it. Lastly, trash would fill up all our landfills and we'd have no other places to put trash. So you see, I do have a problem!

Who's Doin' It?

You wanna know who's doin' it: YOU, ME, AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS EARTH!!! When I say "Doin' it", I mean littering and not recycling.
We are the cause for all of this "Not recycling" stuff. Some reasons this problem is in effect is because it's less expensive to cut down a tree then recycle one. And sometimes we're just to lazy to recycle because they don't want to take about 5 extra minutes. So now you know that you're the cause and that makes you the only solution.

Wanna Help?

Do you want to find out how to help? Well here's a list of stuff to do:
(If you look up the screen a little bit, you see a trash can, Yes? Use one for trash. And by the way, if you want to play Recycle City, click on it.)
-don't litter
-only throw away non-recyclables
-every now and then, pick up trash if you see it
-don't throw away a lot of paper, if you mess up writing, erase
-and finally, tell someone else to do the things on this list