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Endangering Forest Fires

Hi, I am a monkey named RB. I live in a forest that is constantly threatened by forest fires because of carelessness. I'll tell you about some of the causes and effects of these fires to threaten my friends, family, and me.

Causes of Forest Fires

There are many causes for forest fires. Most of them are just carelessness. Here are some examples of those acts of carelessness:
< Cigar/cigarettes that are thrown down on the ground cause some of the fires for when some people throw it down they do not make sure that it is out.
< Camp fires. A lot of fires start this way. Not every human being checks to make sure that the fire they stated is completely out.
< Other range from household stoves overburning to field burning.

How To Solve These Problems

Make sure that you completely kill the fire or else it coud result in a fire. Take care of cigars/cigarettes by when you throw the down make sure that you smash them with your foot. After these just be careful when you are using fire or are around it so that you don't harm your friends, family, or yourself. I'll see you on the flip side!

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