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Furious Floods

The Problem

What is a flood? A flood is a large flow of water over dry land, especially one that causes loss or damage. A flood can cause deaths, destroy buildings, and other property, wash rich soil into the sea and spread harmful sediments.

How the Problem Occurs

When swollen rivers burst their banks a flood occurs. Storm surges cause flooding in lowland areas, and heavy rainfall during a monsoon sea also causes a flood. So much damage is caused because people build their homes so close to the ocean, lakes, and rivers. Farmers sometimes build near a water source, so when it floods their good rich soil is washed away.

The Solution

The solution to a flood is live where there is no danger of flooding. Build dams, reserviors, leeves, and other engineering things. Prevent floods by "conservation practices" designed to hold the water where it falls into "headstreams" and watersheds.

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