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So what's wrong with acid rain?

One of the major ecological problems on the rise right now in the world is acid rain. Acid rain falls from the clouds and runs into the lakes and streams killing wildlife and plants. This problem must be stopped. To figure out how, first we must look at how acid rain is formed.

How is acid rain formed?

Acid rain is formed when water vapor in clouds condenses on sulfur and nitrogen from pollution in the air. The resulting compound is sulfuric acid and nitric acid. The clouds then carry this new pollution to any part of the globe, and then deposit the pollution in the form of rain, snow, or any type of precipitation. A large are in Northern Europe has been studied extensively and acid rain has been shown to have eroded structures, injured crops and forests, and threatened and depleted life in freshwater lakes.

So how can we stop this?

The obvious solution is to simply cut down on pollution. Easier said than done. Nearly everything we use somehow causes pollution, either by physically producing pollution, or the factories that made the product created pollution in the process of making the utensil. So what can you do? Here are some basic things you can do to cut down on acid rain.

1.Carpool- less cars, less exhaust, less pollution

2.Use cleaner oils and gases that may not give off as much smoke.

3.Talk to a local city-council chairman and discuss with them the effects of acid rain and how they should encourage the public to reduce pollution.