coral reef
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Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are full of mystery.There are fascinating things to learn about. All coral reefs are different. There are three different kinds of reefs;fringing reefs,barrier reefs, and atolls.They can only survive in shallow ocean waters where light can penitrate. The largest reefs are found in the shallow warmer parts of the Indian Ocean.


Some of these type things CAN be helped.We can cut down on the number of boats or any other water transportation that would cause oil spills or other poisnous chemicals that would cause damaged coral reefs.This limitation will also help the number of times needed to use anchors which also ruin reefs.Coral reefs are beautiful and a home to many living things.We need to try our best to take care of them.


There is a problem though. Off the coasts of almost twenty countries, reefs were being destroyed.This is caused by coral bleaching, pollution, freighter traffic, and venomous coral-eating starfish also known as the crown of thorns.Some of the causes are just caused by nature, like risng water tempratures cause the coral bleaching.Others are caused by humans like knocking down the reefs from boat anchors and freighters,also oil spills and chemical pollution.