Toxic Waste
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Toxic Waste Problems

I have found that toxic waste leads to many problems. For example the first I looked at was lead in gasoline and paints. This causes nerve damage and possiblly paralysis. A second reason is the use of DDT to kill malaria infested mosiquitos. It may sound ok, but it kills hundreds of birds every year because they eat the mosquitos unaware that it can kill them. The final problem I found was PCBs. PCBs can be found in almost any house hold product, but can cause birth defects or possibly kill babies. These are the problems I found with toxic waste.

Toxic Waste causes

I also found things that cause some of the problems. To begin with, atmosphereic pollution. This can include car gas and power plant smoke. Secondly, radio active waste, such as DDT, are dumped every year. One year at least 1,770,000 cubic feet of landfills went to solid and liquid radio active waste materials. My last reason is of the amount of waste dumped each year. In 1981, 246 million tons of waste were dumped and 5.5million tons were toxic. This number has decreased since then, but is still a caution to us. These are a few of the causes that I found.

Toxic Waste solutions

There are many solutions that can be eaisily found to these problems. My first solution is if you buy gasoline or paints, a problem I mentioned earlier, make sure you buy only what you need to use. This can go for any hazardous product. If left out in the open it can release chemicals causing deadly diseases for example. My next solution is to ride bicycles or the bus. Even a taxi cab can get you where you want to go and reduces atmospheric pollution and the use of gasoline. My third solution is know what you're using and why. It's good to know if you can help the enviroment and how. These are the solutions I found for the problems caused by toxic waste.