The Greatess Cats on Earth
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The Reason

My 6th grade teacher wanted us to make a web page for a school progect. At first I had troble deciding what I wanted to type about. At first I chose squirrels, then bats, and now it's cats. I finally chose tigers; they're the best I've come up with. They are not only cute and furry they are also fierce hunters and almost all gone.

The Problem

The main problem is that people are hunting Siberian tigers for their fur. I believe that you shouldn't hunt animals for their fur because how would you feel if you were hunted and if you were captured you would be killed, skined, and sold. I don't think you would be to happy. They are also hunted sometimes for their bones that some cultures use for medicine. Though the main reason is for their fur, we should deal with all the problems before, not after, it's to late.

The Cause

People don't understand that animals, like humans, have feelings too. They hunt them not even thinking for a second, "Is this going to hurt them?" It does! People don't stop and think for a second about what other animal,or people for that matter, think about. People must have pretty hollow heads to not think of others and their feelings. This should stop and it needs to stop NOW!!!!!!

The Solution

People should be more strick when it comes to punishing people that hunt Siberian Tigers. Since there is only 500 of them left we need to act fast. If we don't act now than there will be none left for are children to see. Learn more about them and ask you teacher to talk about them. Knowledge is one of the few weapons we have to fight this war. Be considerate of how they feel and talk to others about this. Together we might be able to save then together.