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Acid Rain

What is the problem with acid rain? What causes it? What are its results? In this page, I hope that you will learn how acid rain is caused, what the problem is, and how it can be solved.

What's the Problem?

What's the problem with acid rain? It damages forests, woods, and soil, stripping trees of their leaves from both the sky or by being sucked into the roots. This makes taking a hike in the woods look like something out of a cheesy horror flick. In water, it causes food sources to die out, then death and mutation among fish, and i turns the water a nasty terra-cotta color. Not only that, but it also effects architecture, and great reminders of our past, the Mayan pyramids for example. As the acid droplets eat away at the stone, marble, or other material, they leave ugly black char-like marks, ruining great masterpieces. The most important effect is on humans. When acid rain occurs, it is usually responsible for respiratory problems, headache, nausea, diarrhea, and other conditions. On the whole, it is very devastating.

What Causes Acid Rain?

What causes acid rain? Well, if you take a walk or a drive through a metro area like New York, you'll more than likely see it. First, we look to the ground, where we have cars. We look under the car and see the exhaust pipe. It releases vapors into the air. So does that greyish-silver tube on the side of diesel trucks. Next, we look to the sky, where we see smokestacks. These release harmful gases into the air. If you look on the pH scale, you will notice that rainwater is slightly acidic. The vapors/gases from smokestacks and cars rise into the air, mix, and they mix with water vapor in the air, forming acidic rain droplets. They hang in the clouds, their level of acidity increasing, until they fall on the earth.

What Can We Do to Stop Acid Rain?

What can we do to stop acid rain? Well, one invention, scrubbers, have helped combat the problem. They work by being placed inside smokestacks and they "scrub" the air clean. Another solution is we could just ban cars and smokestacks and go about on bicycles or on foot like our ancient ancestors. Or, we could find a cleaner alternative to gas. I think that the best solution is to cut down on cars or carpool, try to limit smokestacks, and watch what we put into the air. To email me, please send your mail to Thank you for visiting tis page. And remember, only you can prevent acid rain!