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Hurricanes are powerful tropical storms that spin in a cirrcular patern. They cause damage to every thing around it . They are formed by warm air rising and condensing . They spin at speeds starting at 78mph. . Nothing can stand in the way of there powerful winds . Other types of tropical cyclones are called storms and deppresions . Huricanes move very slowly at a speed of only 20mph. But they seem to make up for there lack of speed with how long the storm can last. They can go on for days on end without stopping.And a hurricane can be as wider than 5000 football fields!And with winds up to 120mph nothing can stop these awesome forces of nature. A hurricane is formed as the warm and cold ocean air condenses and begins to spin . As the warm ocean fuels the storm clouds the clouds begin to spin faster and faster . Once the storm reaches 78mph it is classified as a hurricane and given a name . Hurricanes are the most violent and devistating storms on earth. They are truly awesome demonstrations of weather.

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