Swimming in the Sea
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About the Humpback Whale

The humpback whale is the best known baleen whale, appearing in all oceans. The humpback whale is one of the many endangered animals. They have a dorsal fin about two-thirds the way from the front of the body and has a high hump on its back when diving. This is why they are called humpback whales. Every whale has a distinct marking under their tale.This is the way scientists can tell all the humpback whales apart.Humpbacks eat small fish and invertebrates. To catch the fish they will make a "bubble net" around the fish by blowing bubbles making them surronded then running through the bubbles with their mouthes open. Humpbacks are very acrobatic and will slap their tales on the surface of the water, this is called breeching.


There is one simple problem that can be avoided in humpback whales. The humpback whale is hunted for their meat, oil, and beauty. This is how the humpback whale became endangered. Luckily, the whale has increased since people like you decided this was wrong and didn't want another animal to become extinct. The whaling industry hunted the humpback whale until the population was down ten percent. Although the United States has banned the right to hunt whales other countries haven't. Even though some countries have signed a treaty saying that they will ban it they don't enforce the law.


There is one answer to the problem you can vote to keep whaling industries away from the ocean. You can always donate money to places that try to help the humpback whales. It is your choice to save them or let them be extinct. You can also not buy products that use oil from whales or anything from a whale. Remember it's your choice.

by:Jessica Lo