The Air Up There
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Depletion of the Ozone Layer

We are losing the ozone.The ozone layer is the protective layer that protects us from the ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere. Enviromentalist have already detected ozone damage.

What's Causing Ozone Depletion

Flourocarbons. Flourocarbons are what is causing the depletion of the ozone. There are many kinds of flourocarbons but most contain chlorine and are called chloroflourocarbons (CFC's). Chloroflourocarbons are used in refrigerants, fire extinguishing agents, strofoam, cars and lubricants. Flourocarbon plastics are used as coating for nonstick cookware,and to make such items as gaskets, bearings, and electrical insulators.If CFC's are released into the air, they break down when exposed to ultraviolet light giving off chlorine. The danger is that this chlorine may attack the ozone that forms a protective layer from the ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere that can hurt us. Ultraviolet rays can kill plants that kills animals.The effect is that the ultraviolet rays kill plants and animals that we eat. Everything suffers and not only can we get cancer we can have a major food loss.

How We Can Solve this Problelm

The ozone is being depleted. In 1987 a number of countries agreed to reduce the production and use of flourocarbons. But this may not be enough. There are still to many flourocarbons being released into the air. But there are ways we can help. Electric cars. They may be expensive but they are available, and can reduce the amount of flourocarbons that come out of cars with fuel. Try not to burn trash especially plastics. Plastics that have flourocarbons release those flourocarbons when burned. More and more things are being solar powered. And more and more people are becoming aware of this problem. Be apart of the solution not the problem.